Friday, July 18, 2008

Article: All About ASAP, FYI and FYA

The Star, one of Malaysia's national newspapers, runs a weekly column called "Mind Our English", which aims to help Malaysians improve their command of the English language.

Reading the column, I notice that most of the articles focused on general English usage i.e. grammar and vocabulary.

The first article submitted comes from a real conversation I had with one of my colleagues:

“What’s FYI?”

“For your information.”

“What’s FYA?”

“For your action.”

“What’s WRT?”

“With reference to...”

Before the conversation dragged on any further, I quickly looked up a website on acronyms used in business communications and sent it to him via e-mail.

This conversation made me realise that the full meaning of many acronyms and abbreviations in the English language may not be immediately apparent for many people – students or working adults alike.

That's how my first article on communications skills was born. You can read it directly from the screen or download the PDF:

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