Sunday, July 26, 2009

Preschool to the Rescue by Judy Sierra and and Hillenbrand

Have you ever found that the book you'd just grabbed off the library turns out to be one of the best books your kid has ever read?

Well, in my case, "Preschool to the Rescue" is my 3 year old boy's favourite book :D He was in his "Bob the Builder" and "Thomas the Train" phase then and was obsessed with building blocks, trains and trucks so I didn't really think this cute book would stand a chance.

His father read the book to him while I browsed through the bookshelves at the library so I had no idea that he was stuck to the book!

Thus, when he kept asking for the "mud book" while his father was napping, I didn't know which book he was referring to. Silly Mummy, right?
This cute story starts off with a
"sleepy, creepy, deeper-than-you-think mud puddle"
and how various vehicles i.e. a pizza van, a police car, a fire engine, a tow truck and a backhoe gets stuck in the mud puddle one after another. Finally, a group of preschoolers run out to rescue the stuck trucks and that's when you (the adult) realize the twist in the story.

The preschoolers get each of the truck out of the mud in creative, different ways and have a good time in the end making mud pies, mud cookies, mud muffins and mud pizzas. I will have very, very fond memories of this book because it's the FIRST book my toddler has attempted to "read".

He'd yell:
"Police car to the rescue!" (and etc)
at the appropriate parts and simply loves reading this book again and again and again. Even now, he still holds the book dearly and will ask to borrow it when we are at the library.

It's a really, really fun book for kids in kindergarten to read out loud as they gain confidence in reading on their own :-) Buy "Preschool to the Rescue" from Amazon here.

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