Friday, May 28, 2010

Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? by Martin Waddell and Barbara Firth

I was browsing through Chowrasta Bazaar (one of my favourite used children's bookstores) and found this nice book especially for Fathers to read to the little ones at night.

Do you have a 'little bear' who is afraid of the dark? After a whole day's fun in the sun, Little Bear can't sleep (while Big Bear is curled up with a book or a newspaper!) because he's afraid of the dark.

Big Bear tries to fix up the "dark part" of the room first, with a little lantern, then a medium lantern and finally, a BIG lantern. Yet, Little Bear still can't sleep because it's also dark outside. Finally, Big Bear takes Little Bear out into the darkness to face his fears --- and to see the moon and the stars.

By then, Little Bear has fallen asleep in Big Bear's arms! So...Big Bear carries Little Bear back to the room to continue his book but ends up sleeping also LOL

Doesn't it sound like a typical session when tired Papas read to their little ones? ;-)

Now, my father wasn't like the nice Big Bear who reads to kids but he is a really practical father who would show you how things work and also other realities of life. Plus, he didn't mind us having tons and tons of books stacked up at home.

Posting this, I recall his carrying me into the room when I fell asleep in front of the TV before I turned 9 years old. I think there were several times I pretended to be asleep just so I could have him carry me into the room. I believe my kids have also picked up on this trick hahaha

Happy Father's Day, everyone!

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