Saturday, May 15, 2010

Remember Fatty, the Five Find-Outers and Dog?

I just had a wonderful trip down memory lane when someone mentioned "mystery stories": a flood of memories came rushing back when I recall this set of mystery stories by Enid Blyton I used to love (and still do) when I was in my pre-teens and teens.

Another great series by Enid Blyton, Fatty (or Frederick Trotteville...was she being really naughty here with wordplay?) and his friends, known as the "Find-Outers" embark on mysteries each time they are home for the holidays.

I can't quite remember all the kids' names but I think there's Hilary, Pip, Bets (the little girl) and the little Scottie terrier, Buster.

And who can forget the blustery Mr Goon? I love it especially when his poor nephew, Ern, makes his appearances in the books. He's such a funny boy!

My first book was probably "The Mystery of the Banshee Towers". Of course, I can't remember the second or third book but I *think* I have nearly all the books in the series on my bookshelf even though they are quite tattered and torn. Hey, these are genuine, well-thumbed through, well-loved Enid Blyton's paperbacks =)

I think young boys (I believe my boy will) will become fans of this series - you'll have to tell me because I shared these books with my girl friends then - because it involves:
  • a lot of thinking, 
  • putting perplexing and non-related clues together, 
  • loads of candy, cream buns and ice-cream (Fatty is a very well-off and generous boy), 
  • a lot of mischief (oh yes, Fatty's fabulous disguises!!!) and sometimes, 
  • a bit of danger when the kids try get ahead of themselves.

Luckily, the kind Inspector is always there to help them out of a sticky end...will our kids be as lucky as them today?

Some people don't like these series because Fatty tends to be a rather arrogant boy who thinks way too much of himself and never lets anyone forget that ;-)

Then again, many intelligent people are like that. Fatty's saving grace is his fondness and kindness towards Bets, the youngest member of the Five Find-Outers, whose own older brother, Pip, treats her with disdain.

Got a boy at home who's not that nice to his little sister? Buy him this set of books. Reading about Fatty and his compassion towards Bets and the little dog, Buster, MAY just help him realize that he needs to be nicer to his little sister!

Hmm...think I'm going to dig out some of these old goodies now hahaha. If you read them recently, what do you think?

Check out the cool "Five Find-Outers" on Amazon:


  1. Hi there!

    I've got an award for your blog! =)

  2. Ruz - Thanks for the award. Will get around to doing it one of these days. I promise!!!

  3. Hey Christine,

    The Five Find-outers are Fatty, Larry, his sister Daisy, Pip and Bets. There's, of course, Buster the dog too!

  4. Anonymous - Ahh, yes, Larry and Daisy! Aren't they twins? Wish I could dig them out again but I'm swamped by baby and toddler books for now hahaha.

  5. I too LOVE LOVE LOVE these books even now. Takes me back to a happy childhood when times are rough :)