Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Learning to read and write with Ladybird and Dr. Seuss

My son is learning to read in kindergarten using the phonics approach. I'm quite excited to see his progress as we had been reviewing his English, Mathematics, Science and Reading books just now. Chinese to come!

As he will be having his "exams" in a week's time, we will be going through his textbooks, workbooks and worksheets. It's not as terrible as it sounds because it's just a lot of repetition and reinforcement in various forms.

Learning to write

Because he's an active boy, he dislikes writing and he talks a lot in class, he has been a bit behind in learning to read and write. 

He is definitely a right-brain child because his strengths are in creating stories and drawing. A terrible artist myself, I love his drawings AND the stories that go with each drawing :D

I'm really grateful to his English and Reading teachers for the additional work he'd been given to improve his handwriting. I am just happy to see him writing within the lines!

He had a bit of a problem writing the small letters "a", "b", "p", "g", "q" as he'd write them out the other way round but now he's quite confident of the direction they should face.

At home, he loves to doodle on a whiteboard and also a cheap version of the Magna-Doodle. Sometimes, he'll play "teacher" and asks me to read out letters or words he writes out - I take the opportunity to gently correct him then. Only if he's willing.

Learning to read

He loves books because we had been reading aloud to him since he was a baby. Now that he's learning to read, he is taking a more active interest in his favourite books e.g. "Chugga Chugga Choo Choo".

Nowadays, he would announce to me that he would read out the words he recognizes e.g. "and", "to", "train" and of course "chugga-chugga-choo-choo", "whoo-whoo".

I get quite excited each time he recognizes a new word and I am quite happy to see that he can read out various shapes, sizes, lengths, names of fruits and names of animals.

After all, I have been reading aloud to him for nearly 5 years. Isn't it great to see your child learning to read? The joy I feel is quite hard to describe.

I just know that I am smiling both on my face and in my heart.

And I sure wish that we have the Ladybird Keywords Reading Scheme books with us now!

I'd read them to him when he was younger and he enjoyed looking at the fun places and adventures "Peter" and "Jane" got into.

Unfortunately, the Ladybird set of books are now at Grandma's place, which is thousands of miles away. Sigh.

Oh well, Dr. Seuss' books are available at the library here so I will borrow a few that are suitable for his age like the following:

You must be wondering: if Dr. Seuss' books are so fun to read, why do I want the Ladybird books for him?

Because Dr. Seuss' books *are* so FUN to read, both the preschooler and the toddler get all bouncy and giggly during the reading session and afterwards.

But the tired parents just want them to go to bed! That's why ;-)

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