Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Learning to read, write and speak Chinese

Recently, we set up our son with a Chinese teacher to get extra help with his Chinese. Since he prefers English to Chinese, I didn’t know what to expect.

Since he didn't like the drawing class I'd enrolled him in earlier, I didn't know how he'd react to these classes. Surprisingly, he enjoys these Chinese tutoring classes so much that he's even stayed back on the days when he doesn't have a tutoring session!

His Chinese teacher is delighted with him because he picked up the hanyu pinyin quickly and will do his homework dutifully:

"I am so surprised at how earnest or rèn zhēn (认真)he is! Previously, he'd play with his friends and be reluctant to do his Chinese writing. Now, he will repeat what he has learned and is eager to learn more."

At home, he has been repeating all the time and writing on almost every scrap of paper he can find:

"b, p, m, f,
d, t, n, l, g, k, h,
j, q, x,
zh, ch, sh, r,
z, c, s,
y, w"

Furthermore, he'll turn on some Chinese shows on the TV and try to sing the Chinese children songs on VCD. He'll even look through some of the Chinese story books we have at home.

Previously, he'd flatly refuse to "read" any of them even though the pictures attracted his attention...

We are truly happy with his progress in Chinese although I've told the Chinese teacher not to push him too much. Thus far, she has been great and he's also taken a liking to her. Previously, he feared her because she's tall and she also speaks to the children rather harshly LOL

Now, he's assigned me Chinese homework as he wants me to learn Chinese too! Here's keeping my fingers crossed that his interest in learning Chinese continues :D

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