Monday, August 15, 2011

Mummy and baby like Bright Baby books

I think I saw the first Bright Baby book at Borders and bought a set for the kids.

More than five years down the road, this set of board picture books have weathered the rough handling of my eldest and are now my youngest child's favourite books.

I believe that the books are sturdy enough to last a good number of years. Really a good buy!

Why do I like Bright Baby books?
First, I just love the tagline: "Big ideas for little people". Isn't that smart and sassy? Won me over when I saw it on the back cover.

Second, Bright Baby books keep to the K.I.S.S. principle of communications: "Keep it short and simple" and "Keep it short and sweet."

Every page of Bright Baby books has bold, beautiful photographs accompanied by bold text in sans serif font face. Easy on the eyes. Holds baby's attention.

Third, beautiful photographs. I think this is Priddy Books' top selling point because each Bright Baby book has fantastic photographs of babies, kids, children's toys and other every day objects that make up a child's world. I just love looking through the books.

is my daughter's "book of the month(s)". She hasn't tired of it as is usual with toddlers hahaha

"Touch and Feel Shapes" features 2 pages of familiar objects for each shape introduced e.g. a ball and coins for "circle". When I first read the book to her when she was about 9-10 months old, I'd just read the words found on the page and let her touch and feel the different shapes and textures (not that many).

When she got older, I added a bit of variety to the read aloud session e.g. telling her the colours of the objects, where applicable "pink starfish", "silver wand", "gold coins".

For "rectangle", a child's wooden puzzle is featured and since that photograph had more detail, I spent time describing each object on the puzzle and she could also touch them since the pictures were slightly bumpy.

A few months back, I started adding sounds to each object i.e. "the cat says 'meow, meow' " and "the dog says "woof, woof" " and etc. She's pretty lucky that she gets to see a number of birds, cats and dogs around her - real and animated - so she knows these animals quite well and can now point to them when prompted.

A few days ago, she gave us a little surprise: she delightedly pointed out a dog in her brother's fire truck book and went, "woo-woo"!

It was an unexpected turn of events because she's jabbering nineteen to the dozen but we can only recognize "Papa", "buh-bye" and "Ahh!" (open mouth for food).

You can imagine how excited I was and she grew even more excited when she saw how excited I was. Ok, it's one of those days when I've gone batty :D

Since I have been reading Bright Baby Touch & Feel Shapes at least 3 times a week for nearly a year, I have to attribute this developmental milestone to this book.
We can't wait to hear what she'll say next!!!

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