Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lesson 2: Names of fingers

In English, the names of your thumb and fingers are as follows (left to right):

1. Thumb
2. Index finger
3. Middle finger
4. Ring finger - in general, married couples who choose to wear engagement / wedding rings wear them on this finger. Therefore, if you see a man / woman with a ring here, it usually means that he / she is married.
5. Baby finger or "pinky" - You'll hear kids making "pinky swears" when they strike a deal with each other :)

In Chinese, the names of the thumb and fingers are as follows:

1. Thumb - dà mǔ zhǐ (大拇指)
2. Index finger - shí zhǐ (食指)
3. Middle finger - zhōng zhǐ (中指)
4. Ring finger - wú míng zhǐ (无名指)
5. Baby finger or "pinky" - xiǎo mǔ zhǐ (小拇指)

jiā yóu 加油! (We can do it!)

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