Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy Easter! Since Easter marks a new beginning, I'd like to share a new beginning for me too - a new beginning in the world of cooking. Here's the first recipe I tried with 100% success :D

Last Saturday, I tried out the Gold Medal flour Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies recipe, which I'd been thinking about for ages.

Furthermore, the bag of unbleached flour was sitting sitting quietly on my fridge waiting for weevils since the last time I blogged about my banana pancakes. That was 6 months ago!

Of course, my son was all excited about it because i) he loves chocolate and ii) he likes to help out in the kitchen.
While I organized the kitchen, I had to get him out of my hair and sent him to copy out the recipe from the back of the flour packaging onto my recipe book:
The writing task took him a good 10-15 minutes. I had to make a few edits because the price sticker and barcode sticker blocked some of the text and he'd copied what he could see. Overall, I think he did a good job and will get him to help copy other recipes in future!

Next, he watched me measure the dry ingredients and chop the walnuts (with strong warnings to keep his hands away from the chopping board). I sat in the living room while I creamed the butter and brown sugar, hoping to watch the news. No luck!

The delicious smell and the action of stirring the batter attracted my toddler who tottered over and demanded "Some!". I'd given her a wooden spatula and a stainless steel mixing bowl to play with but no, she wanted some batter too.

Before she could stick a pudgy finger into the mixture, I returned to the kitchen to continue the task with the preschooler hot on my heels. I showed him how to "sprinkle" (or shake) the chocolate chips and chopped nuts into the mix. Hershey's semi-sweet chocolate chips smelled so good at least 10 chocolate chips were hijacked on their way into the mixing bowl LOL

Then, I let him use the hand-operated flour sifter I'd bought from IKEA. The batter turned really heavy at this point in time that I considered calling for some "manpower". After a few turns, I decided that I can manage. After all, I'm the cook, right?

Finally, we dropped heaped spoonfuls of cookie dough onto baking trays:
The little guy piped up: "Mummy, the cookies look like poo-poo!" Haha, my thoughts exactly although I merely grunted in response.

I was busy hollering for help to convert 350 deg F into 193 deg C. We ended up having to bake the cookies at 200 deg C for 20 minutes.

Here are other reminders:

  1. Drop flatter lumps of dough because the kids seem to prefer crunchy cookies - the middle part remained soft and chewy in the thicker lumps. 
  2. Reduce brown sugar by 1 tablespoon. 
Other than that, this chocolate chip cookie recipe from GoldMedal unbleached flour is 100% foolproof. The cookies were delicious!
The oats gave them a healthful and chewy texture, Hershey's chocolate chips were heavenly while the chopped walnuts gave them the extra crunch. Yummy dipped into cold milk!

Plus, I'd only used my wooden spatula, a mixing bowl and a little toaster oven to bake them. Great, right?

I'm over the moon because this oatmeal chocolate chip recipe turned out perfect at the first attempt :D

P/S We got 30 pieces of cookies. Gonna pack some for my colleagues to try to see if they like them too.

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