Monday, May 18, 2015

Angry Bird Cupcakes

Of all the crazy fads that ran the earth, I wonder if there'll ever be one as crazy as the Angry Birds?

Rovio launched the game in 2009 but we only caught on with the craz3 in 2012 with Angry Birds coin boxes, lunch bags, photo frames and a free, gigantic bowl by Darlie toothpaste!

Please excuse me as I was crazy enough to buy 2 boxes of Darlie toothpaste just so my kids could enjoy soup from an Angry Birds bowl LOL

Here's a photo of a set of Angry Birds cupcakes we had ordered for someone's birthday:

The kids started with the basic Angry Bird game, then begged for Angry Birds Space only to be disappointed with it - aargh, money down the drain! That point on, I put my foot down on game downloads.

Somehow, the kids got the Bad Piggies (free?) and were obsessed with coming up with the correct mix of parts and connections that would enable the piggies' cart to run faster and longer.

How are the Angry Birds doing now?

In October 2014, Rovio announced a 130-staff layoff :-(

In March 2015, they reported a drop of 73% in 2014 profits but remained optimistic about the movie coming out in May 2016. 

It's now May 2015 and my kids are now into designing games, which involve a battle-like strategy with a map and a contraption that looks like the Bad Piggies cart. 

Last year, they were crazy over Frozen and the song "Let It Go", which now no longer excites either of them - let's see if they'll have any nostalgia for Angry Birds next year. 

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