Sunday, May 31, 2015

Claypot Rice - Salmon and Brown Rice

Lately, I have been experimenting with "one-pot" rice cooker recipes for dinner, which makes cooking dinner at home more manageable.

I've also been trying to cook brown rice but I have to remember to soak the rice grains in the morning for them to soften by the evening :P

One of the recipes I tried was with leftover baked salmon, which had been marinated with herbs, sea salt, Sarawak pepper (the best!), olive oil and lemon juice.

First, I soaked some dried prawns and chopped some garlic. I stir-fried the garlic and then tossed in the softened dried prawns until they went snap, crackle and pop! in the pan. Then, I added the leftover salmon and tossed it with the mix.

I transferred everything into the brown rice, which had been washed and placed in the rice cooker. I set the rice to cook with the stir-fried stuff.

Since I had some mustard leaves (sawi), I washed and cut them into strips. When the rice was almost done, I tossed the leafy greens into the rice cooker.

Unfortunately, I left them in there for too long - they turned brown. Next time, I must remember to open the lid to let the steam out!

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