Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Culturally Speaking by Rhona B. Genzel and Martha Graves Cummings

I stumbled upon Culturally Speaking while browsing for EFL/ESL textbooks in the library and found it to be quite a good resource for advanced level students.

Many EFL/ESL students grow up in a rote-learning environment where:
  • the teachers give instructions and students listen and take notes 
  • exercises/worksheets are the rule of the day, 
  • students (or teachers) are not accustomed to asking questions in class, 
  • independent study is an alient concept 
  • the concept of plagiarism is aka "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".
I found Culturally Speaking a useful resource to prepare students for study in an American /Canadian /Australian /British-style college /university that encourages active participation in class from students.

Without giving too much away, you'll find vocabulary exercises, discussion questions and role plays on various topics.

I'd only used a few sections from the books but the advanced level students REALLY enjoyed the activities!

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