Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Interchange Student's Book 2 with Audio CD (Third Edition)

Since I have been busy teaching ESL/EFL, I thought I'd blog about the various textbooks I have used in class, plus the additional resources I have found in the college library.

First up is Interchange Student's Book 2 with Audio CD (Interchange Third Edition), which I'd used with two groups of intermediate students, who were mostly from mainland China.

"Interchange Third edition is a four-level series for adult and young-adult learners of English from the beginning to the high-intermediate level.

The Interchange Third Edition Level 2 Student's Book builds on the foundations established in Level 1 for accurate and fluent communication, extending grammatical, lexical, and functional skills.

Topics such as travel, childhood, customs, personality, and predicaments are presented in unique ways using interesting real-life information. Each Student's Book contains 16 teaching units, frequent progress checks that allow students to assess and monitor their own learning, and a listening self-study section. Included is a Student Audio CD that contains the conversation, pronunciation, and self-study sections from the Student's Book."

Each unit of "Interchange - Level 2" follows almost the same structure:
1 Preview of the topic with questions to start a class discussion - Chinese students are quite assertive and enjoy this part.
2. Listening to a dialogue
3. Grammar focus - Students pay close attention to this section but since our college did not include the Workbook, I felt that the students lucked out on grammar practice.
4. Listening - gap-filling exercises - This section seems challenging to them especially as spelling and grammar problems would surface.
5. Speaking - Pairwork exercises
6. Vocabulary - Pairwork 7. Pronunciation 8. Writing - I like that creativity/imagination is encouraged even on non-fiction topics.
9 "Interchange" - communicative activities - whole class
10. Reading - I found it a bit weird to have this section at the end because in many cases, EFL students lack the vocabulary to express themselves. Sometimes, I find myself going to the "Reading" section after we do activities 1 and 2.

A colleague and I preferred the Second Edition (which I can't locate on Amazon) because we felt that the graphics were better and some of the activities were more engaging.

Now that Cambridge has published Interchange Level 2 Student's Book with Self-study DVD-ROM (Fourth Edition), you may want to check that out first.

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