Saturday, February 11, 2017

British vs American English

Kenapakah kita belajar bahasa Inggeris dari U.K. dan bukan dari U.S.?

Oleh kerana Malaysia adalah sebuah negara Komanwel, kita belajar bahasa Inggeris dari England dan bukan dari Amerika Syarikat. 

Jadi..."we take a taxi (not cab)", "eat biscuits, jelly and sweets (not cookies, jello and candy)", "put up curtains (drapes?) on the windows at home", "turn on the tap (not faucet)", "wait for the lift", "check on petrol (gasoline?) prices".  

We were learning British English at school e.g. using books like The New First Aid in English by Angus MacIver but in school? We were talking about going for movies, eating chips, french fries and popcorn, baking cookies and dreaming of L.A. Gear sneakers, all of which are vocabulary from American English.

Why? Well, in the early 80s, I grew up watching a lot of American sitcoms (SITuation COMedy) on TV and "movies" (strangely, the word "films" never gained popularity, probably due to its tricky pronunciation). 

Remember these characters?


Here's a handy pictorial guide to the differences between British and American English:

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